High official’s boubou on the dangers of mercury a health hazard for Mauritians?

A high official at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Integration and International Trade is said to have failed in publicising a health hazard that may impact on the lives of many Mauritian citizens.

According to the Ministry of Health website, Mercury is considered to be a dangerous pollutant and can cause serious damage to human health and ecosystems. it is a global threat as it remains in the environment, air, water, sediments, soil and living organisms in various forms. Mercury can travel long distances in the atmosphere, bio-accumulate in microorganisms and bio-magnify along the food chain.

In 2014, Mauritius proposed a US$1,090,000 plan of action, that were to carry out studies, finding solutions and promote the action plan as well as the safe use of materials to reduce mercury content.

WFTV sources said people linked to the high official in the Ministry were given the contract to print the necessary paper work, promotional items etc to warn the public and to inform them on the safety limits surrounding the dangers that mercury represent.

“They failed to deliver on the project, as they made higher claims for the printing of the materials, higher than the amount the UNDP earmarked for the printing materials,” WFTV was told by a source.

The source said the high officia’s man, who was overseeing the project, could not bag the tender thus it was dropped.

The source said this has resulted in the UNDP and/or other partners in the project on the mercury awareness campaign to pull the plug on the project.

If this is the case, the source added, they are playing with the health hazards that are impacting the health of many Mauritian citizens.

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