Growing fear inquiry on drugs will have same fate as the Rault inquiry!

Three of the MP’s from the PMSD-MSM-Labour alliance arrested in Amsterdam
In the past, there has been cover-ups and all sorts of shenanigans to prevent the real reports on drugs (and horse racing fraud) to come out.

In the late 1980’s two reports on a horse racing inquiry were drafted. The first report accused a then deputy PM of Mauritius of involvement in horse racing fraud, with the horses drugged before participation in races in which they won.

The second report showed a different story, dismissing all claims against the said minister while putting doubts on the accusation that the horse racing business in Mauritius was entire free of fraud.

The readers will guess which of the two reports were made public. But if this is how things are done in our beloved Mauritius, then expect a no-go in any other public inquiries since the powers that be could have a deeper, firmer hand on the end results.

Having said this, let us look at the current Commission of Inquiry on Drugs, which is now under attack from several quarters.

The big question is whether any other witnesses who want to depose at the inquiry is safe? The other question is who revealed the real identity of the secret, crack witness who divulged the names of at least three MP’s close to the current regime of <strong>PM Pravind Jugnauth</strong> at the inquest?

The fact that the ADSU unit went to rampage his house to find drugs and other related evidence is proof that something is not right at the Commission of Inquiry or at higher levels. Someone is trying to undermine the inquiry or threaten future witnesses from giving their deposition in all truth.

That begs the other question whether the current inquiry chaired Mr.&nbsp;Paul Lam Shang Leen, former Judge of the&nbsp;Supreme Court, who has for&nbsp;assessors Mr. Samioullah Lauthan, Social Worker, former Member of the National Assembly, and currently member of the Human Rights Division of the National Human Rights Commission, and Dr. Ravind Kumar Domun, acting director, health services, Ministry of Health and Quality of Life.

We do not want speculate on&nbsp;who among those who are directly involved in the inquiry&nbsp;could have revealed the name of the secret witness, but the fact that the witness identity has now been revealed through an ADSU raid was&nbsp;not unexpected.

This shows that the&nbsp;rot has really set in within&nbsp;the current regime in power.

Now will the Lam Shang Been inquest suffer the same fate as the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs headed by Sir Maurice Rault. It was over the period 1986 to l987 that he chaired the Commission of Enquiry on Drug Trafficking.

In a recommendation of SMR he said the ADSU director of that time should directly be held responsible. He was talking of Harris Mungroosing, and asked for a 20 year jail term for the accused.

He also urged the seizure of all the assets amassed by the accused – ill-acquired assets he had said

Reports are that Mungroosing was getting paid some RM25,000 monthly by the drug mafia as part of his silence on the drug proliferation in Mauritius.

However, we know the history, the government of that time (It was <strong>Sir Aneerood Jugnauth</strong> in power) closed an eye on the recommendations and Mungroosing was given a golden handshake for his retreat from office with apparently millions in retirement fund.

Remember the exhibits that disappeared from the ADSU’s lockup worth RS800,000 in cash. There was also a kilo of heroine that dissappeared.

Don’t also forget the 1985 drugs scandal at Amsterdam airport that shamed the entire country.

Four were MPs arrested on charges of drug smuggling. Inquiry in 1986 implicates three members of Legislative Assembly. Six more politicians were&nbsp;accused in 1987 of involvement in the affair.

Hence, politics and drugs are not new and are not really separate matters.

In 2009 a story appeared in a ‘Express Weekly’ paper saying the International Narcotics Control Board had&nbsp;found evidence of an increase in heroin smuggling through Mauritius.

At that time, the country was&nbsp;already No1 in Africa for heroin and opiates, which they call a &ldquo;spillover effect from trafficking”

The report also mentions buprenorphine preparations with reference to the huge haul of Subutex seized around that time.

That brought the PM (Navid Ramgoolam) to talk of re-introducing the death penalty for Subutex dealers, while the ADSU struggled in catching the culprits.

During the 1982 elections, the MMM said it would eradicate the drug empires in Mauritius within 24 hours it wins power in the country. But since it was in a coalition with the future MSM leaders that is SAJ and Harris Boodhoo, the promises were kept in a fridge and nothing was done to get rid of drug warlords

The party has to come forward to explain why it failed to carry out its mission and its promise of delivering the country away from drug trafficking in 1982!

Silence is not acceptable from any politicians for that matter.

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