A desperate push to shore-up Hindu support?

The recent spate of communal violence involving the defacing of Hindu icons, the attacks on the media for a supposed ‘Hindu bashing’ and the lorry with ‘Hindus against Halal’ circulating in Mauritius are only signs of desperation from a failing power base.

“The authorities are not able to take any actions against the rise of communal strife in Mauritius, the reason being they are probably aware of who is behind these racial attacks,” said a source to WFTV.

WFTV was given a series of pictures and videos said to be of racial bias (see pictures-videos below):

Translated, the video in which the unidentified person is speaking in Creole, the Mauritian language is spreading an anti-Muslim message to a crowd during a Hindu association meeting.

He says there is a neighbour of his who has converted to Islam and the person is – he alleges – is using both the Hindu temples and the Mosques to get support to become the first Muslim police commissioner in Mauritius.

The person is heard saying: “Mauritius never had a Muslim police commissioner in its history and if this happens, it will be the end of us all with drugs,” apparently associating Muslims with the drug scourge in Mauritius.

If the laws of Mauritius are applied – which they will not be under the current regime with a hesitant Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth who is bent on remaining in power despite all the scandals that he personally and his government has suffered – the speaker in the video should be arrested.

However, the Pravind regime has arrested people who are the least suspects in cases while those of whom evidence abounds are still walking free, including his ministers and MP’s.

Picture showing lorry with supposed Mauritius licence plate calling for Hindus anti-Halal move


Disruption of peace in Pont Blanc, Mauritius

The posting above here says Post Blanc is a small village where everyone, Hindus, Muslims and others lives into a well knitted community, like a family but outsiders are trying to cause racial uprising in the community.

WFTV sources say these attacks on Hindu religious symbols has deep political hands, people who do not want the fall of the Jugnauth regime.

“But it is only a tiny minority of hot-headed people who are behind the acts, not the majority of Hindus or other communities since all of Mauritius wants to live in peace,” WFTV was told.

Similar to these attacks were a spate of attacks against Muslims and Christians by a group of people with links to some organisations based in India. Their leader, a fireman, is known for his racist rants against the non-Hindus in the country and the group did lead a campaign of terror against both Muslim religious places as well as Christians in villages in the south and western coasts of Mauritius.

The person is still walking free, unperturbed by the authorities and the source told us it is only because the authorises know who supports this particular individual and his small group of extremists.

“These are the signs of a failing regime and they will not last long, since pressure is mounting on them from all sides including from New Delhi,” said our source.

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