France’s Tromelin woes adds to MSM-ML-OPR regime troubles with New Delhi

France’s Tromelin woes adds to MSM-ML-OPR regime troubles with New Delhi

November 1, 2017 0 By User

Picture Credit: Le Nouvel Obs: Tromelin and Agalega brought India and France together in push for MMM-MSM ties

The battle over Tromelin Island – which unofficially belongs to France – but which officially belongs to Mauritius (says Port Louis) adds to the woes of the MSM-ML-OPR regime with New Delhi.

While the islet’s future does not disturb the French-Indian relations, it is a bone of contention between Mauritius and France and Paris wants to deal with in order to move on the lingering matter.

The French it is said is in favour of a corny alliance between the MSM and the MMM but the terms and conditions of the alliance did not please the current MSM-ML-OPR leadership as it entails the end of the regime as we know it.

WFTV can reveal that the French lobbyists in Port Louis have been working closely with some local newspapers to push forward this agenda.

But the MMM has rebutted the allegations, while the ML leader Ivan Collendavelloo gave a sign that the regime in power is willing to support the MMM in the upcoming by-elections in the No 18.

This is indicative of talks (which WFTV reported earlier) between the leadership of the two parties, indeed.

For the French, they need the current regime in power since it has close ties with New Delhi, though India made it clear on numerous occasions that they want general elections as soon as possible. But the French it seems does not want an abrupt election.

The close ties between New Delhi and the current government are however limited to certain conditions and one of these is the end of the mess in which the country is in, though this does not seem of interest of PM Pravind Jugnauth.

In this scenario that was brought to the attention of WFTV, the French are said to be in favour of an alliance that will keep the MSM-ML-OPR regime in power but with Paul Berenger in Cabinet, and no talks of snap polls.

The Indians have the same plans as reported by WFTV, but with elections expected for December.

While the French believe snap polls may derail the stability of the country, the Indians believe it will secure their interest and will put Berenger in the leadership position, something they would not mind at the rate things is going in Port Louis.

But the refusal seems to come from the MSM on the terms and conditions imposed by the MMM’s leader, conditions that WFTV spoke of in a previous article.

More is to come on this issue soon, as we will reveal further details of the ‘synergies’ between the French and the political parties on how the country is to be run.