Is Pravind living on another planet: Hindu group says would go on the ground to take laws in its hands

Is Pravind living on another planet: Hindu group says would go on the ground to take laws in its hands

November 2, 2017 0 By User

Picture Credit: Sceen shot of Narasimha group’s posting

The Narasinha Group in a message on Facebook showed its anger over the recent spate of attacks on Hindu religious icons, as reported by WFTV. 

The group said in the message that its message on the social media network was a first step it is making following the incidents that took place in its cult centres.

It accused the authorities for not doing anything, not dispersing any information and for doing nothing.

“Up to now, there has been no dissemination of information or actions from the concerned authorities (police).” said the group’s message.

It warned: “We repeat, we are not going to remain silent. And put this in your head that the ‘jayde’ time is over.”

It also said it does not want those incidents to be forgotten. “Many people have been mobilised in our meeting today, and we say enough with the mistreatment that ALL Hindu brothers and sisters are suffering across the Island.”

It sounded the alarming response that it plans: “If we do not get the necessary information (on who are the perpetrators) then we will descend on the ground and do the necessary,” 

Followed by hashtags: #united_we_stand_divided_we_fall #vande_mataram #jai_Hind #jai_Narasimha

Social media comments from people of various religious beliefs  in Mauritius are pointing out to the fact that neither Muslims nor Christians would deface a Hindu religious icon with ‘chicken’.

They are also blaming the situation on the lack of action from the police and a certain group – a fanatical group from the Hindu majority for being responsible for the attacks on the Hindu cult centres.

There are also WhatsApp messages warning Muslims, Christians and others (non-Hindus) not to venture at night in remote or in Hindu majority areas in Mauritius if they do not want to be attacked.

This on the eve of the visit of a dangerous personality from India to Mauritius. Take note that WFTV was also threatened by a member of a religious organisation getting funding from India!

However, playing the ignorant or showing signs that he is cut from the reality in Mauritius, the good Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauh made a stupefactionary (this word do not exist) comment on the current tense situation in the country.

Speaking at the Andra Avatarana Dinotsavam à la Mauritius Telegu Maha Sabha, à Port-Louis, he said the a certain people are praying for opportunities to poke fire (start troubles) in Mauritius.

“There are these people, who do not think we are here and looking for unity, harmony and solidarity, There are people who have no respect and they are waiting for opportunity to poke fire and then they will come as if they are the saviours (zorro) and say ‘I told you so’,” he remarked to the claps of a few as heard and seen in a video on the L’Express daily.

“Look here, i am saying that not because I am in this position but as a citizen, we must look out for those ‘piroman’ would not be able to start trouble in our country.

He warned the country will be backward if such acts are allowed.

He also said the World Bank has recognised how his government has made headway in both economic and social advancements in Mauritius but time will show since he does want to expand on these issues at this event.

WFTV urges the PM to look properly and look nearer to his circles that are surrounding him to find the people who are looking for the opportunity to poke fire in the beloved Mauritius.

He has the utmost responsibility to answer to the large number of Mauritians who are reading, seeing and sharing the threats their communities are facing on social media and in real life before he plays the ignorant!