MSM regional No18 backing MMM candidate?

The MSM has missed out on a golden 9pportunity to prove that it is still the number one party in Mauritius by skipping on the by-elections at No18.

However, it intends to play a major part in the elections by remaining in the shadows, purportedly supporting the MMM candidate.

A message said to be from the MSM regional No18 lauds PM Pravind Jugnauth for ‘his hard work to become Prime Minister’ and gratify’s the party for being in power.

It then calls upon its supporters in the constituency to support “Nita” and to prevent the Labour Party from winning. Nija Jaddoo is the MMM candidate at the elections.

While this is not a sign of an alliance between the MMM and the MSM, if the message is true, it shows how much the MSM has hopes that the MMM will eventually support it to remain in power.

WFTV has reported on how two foreign powers are bidding for the MMM to join the MSM-ML-OPR alliance.

The negotiations took place, but they broke down since then and that does not mean the MSM does not have to support the MMM candidate in the NO18 by-elections which will take place in December.

Holding the by-election is a move by Pravind to show that he has total control of the political situation in the country and that if the MMM wins at No18, it will still have a chance to negotiate a deal with the opposition party.

But if the Labour Party candidate were to win, then the MSM would know that it is in a difficult position among the majority Hindu voters in the country.

According to WFTV sources, the PMSD has a good chance to fare well in these elections, but the situation is still too fluid to know who will win.

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