Soodhun resisting call for resignation as MP?

Picture Credit: Video clip of Soodhun

The end of the reign of former minister Shaukatally Soodhun was swift, but while it has liberated the country from a sore point, the latter is still resisting calls for his resignation.

His resignation as Minister is part of the MSM leadership cleaning up the stable in preparation for a snap poll that may now take place next year.

If he resigns as MP now, it will surely be the end of the ‘revolver man’, said our source.

In this context, the MSM leadership – PM Pravind Jugnauth that is – is apparently insisting that Soodhun quits as MP in a bid to free the party from a heavy baggage.

But sources told WFTV that Soodhun is still resisting the call to resign as MP from his own leader, PM Jugnauth.

Last month WFTV said Soodhun was using his influence with the Saudi Arabian government to pressure the MSM leadership to abandon plans for his resignation as Minister and MP.

But he had no choice but to resign after the publication of a video recording with his voice clearly heard spurting abuse against the Christian minority in Mauritius.

Our source said Soodhun is refusing to go as MP because this will culminate to the end of his political career, a career rich with ups and down despite the fact that he did some good work in his constituency.

The source also said he is insisting with PM Jugnauth to remain as MP in order to serve his constituents.

Yet, rumours are rife that there exists videos or audio recordings that could lend a final blow to Soodhun’s MP post altogether.

The source said in one of the recordings that are being sold to the highest bidder by the person or persons in possession of the recording, Soodhun is heard arguing with the PM over the latter’s call for him to resign.

What they were arguing about is not clear, but it appears there were talks of a ‘Valises’ – or travel luggage. Whether it is true or not, we cannot confirm.

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