Soodhun and Jugnauth clashed before resignation

Soodhun and Jugnauth clashed before resignation

November 16, 2017 0 By User

Picture Credit: Video clip of Soodhun: A long career and some good work that has vanished after months of off-the-cuff blunders by the former deputy PM who has powerful friends in Saudi Arabia!

Sources told WFTV that the ex-Deputy Prime Minister Shaukatally Soodhun clashed with Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth before he finally submitted his resignation.

The ex-minister refused to quit on the basis of the video recording that tarnished his image further, but sources said the PM was doggedly determined to let go of his lieutenant, a long time family friend of the Jugnauth’s, in a bid to salvage his government’s already tarnished image.

Our source said the PM had already decided to revoke Soodhun had he not accepted to submit his resignation on the day before the PM intended to hold a press conference on the matter.

The sources said Soodhun’s downfall is also linked to an insider job, as both the PM and his deputy clashed on the issue of the need to resign.

Some people within the regime of Jugnauth believed Soodhun still had a chance to keep his post since the video recording of him calling the women of a specific community disrespectful names is heard would not be admitted in the court of law.

They also thought Soodhun could clear his name as he is not seen making the racist remark, though the voice is his.

But it is upon Pravind’s insistence that he had to finally quit his post after a series of blunders and mishaps that will remain his trademark in the country’s political history.

WFTV has more to say on the episode of Soodhun’s resignation. Coming soon!