The nine lives of Soodhun: From Bombay to Jeddah

The nine lives of Soodhun: From Bombay to Jeddah

November 19, 2017 0 By User

The former Deputy PM Shaukatally Soodhun, who faced numerous attempts to demote him, could not survive the final onslaught.

We don’t have a real count of the many times people within the government and outside the government have tried to get rid of Soodhun, but in the end they got it right.

Our sources say his many opponents within the government and outside on the streets could not expect a better outcome than his resignation as deputy PM. Though there are forces that are now pressing harder for his resignation as MP.

But WFTV believes that his undoing was his own.

The resignation of Soodhun should have had wide International reach, but no newspapers in the Arab World or anywhere else (except WFTV) mentioned the fact that he is no more the deputy PM. Perhaps his personal reach is not that deep, unlike many thought?

Here we give you a timeline of the Soodhun debacle in 2017:

Troubles started for Soodhun with the latter seen as supporting Saudi Arabia in the Arab nation’s standoff with another Arab country, Qatar. The local opposition parties went against Soodhun on the issue, while some dailies lambasted him for his pro-Saudi stance.

Then there was the comments by the opposition leader and leader of the PMSD Luc Xavier Duval on Soodhun’s Saudi links, This prompted Soodhun to attack Xavier, with death threats against his former colleagues.

But all the while, Soodhun remained in the good books of his leader PM Pravind Jugnauth.

WFTV raised the issue of 14 ‘valises’ that a minister brought in the country. We do not know who is the minister in question.

However, an expose by L’Express showed that Soodhun brought in 4 ‘valises’ instead of 3 as he claimed. This turned out to be a backlash for Soodhun as the trust in his post as Minister began to wane, though his falling apart was still not expected after his surviving the Xavier-Luc Duval issue.

In the meantime, Soodhun got a criminal case against him on the threats he made against the opposition leader. He resisted calls to quit.

Before the criminal case was finally brought against Soodun, he went to Bombay for a cure, and the trip saved him from risking jail while the DPP, under pressure at last decided that there should be a criminal case against the former DPM!

Soodhun had a public stand-off with an innocent woman who questioned his decision to politicise a public event. The woman disapproved of the former DPM criticising the former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam during the seminar. The former DPM went off-board, insisting that the woman leave the seminar, in tough languages.

Not to forget that his name is mentioned in the Commission of Inquiry Report on the riots of February 1999 following the death of Kaya, blaming him for allegedly inciting the Hindu community against former PM Ramgoolam.

But according to our sources, it is an inside job, a collusion from within the camps of the ruling coalition of the MSM-ML-OPR that sent the final blows to Soodhun.