OPR could become king maker in Mauritius!

OPR could become king maker in Mauritius!

November 20, 2017 2 By WFTV

The Parliament of Mauritius: MSM-ML-OPR regime enjoys a big majority but it may soon go down to zero!

The happenings at the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs in Mauritius may send the MSM-ML government in disarray following accusations against three of its VVIP’s close to the regime in power.

According to our sources, the three VVIP’s are members of the MSM-ML alliance in power, and as and when their names are disclosed by the Commission of Inquiry chaired by Mr Paul Lam Shang Leen, former Judge of the Supreme Court, they will not be able to continue seating at the Parliament.

This will drastically reduce the numbers of MP’s of the MSM-ML coalition by 3 MP’s thus bringing its majority to 8, which will still be sufficient for it to remain in power and to dominate as usual.

The MSM-ML will then have 35 MP’s and since it is joined by the 2 MP’s from Rodgrigues, it will have 37 seats. It is impossible for the 2 Rodrigues MP’s to leave the coalition, as it would not impact the Jugnauth regime.

With Soodhun possibly being forced to resign as an MP and MP Lalangate also under pressure to do so, the MSM-ML-OPR regime could be reduced to 35 MP’s. Again, this would not be enough to get the MSM-ML-OPR regime out of power, and even if there are 5 by-elections that could give the opposition 5 seats, the government will still have a one seat majority over the opposition.

With the opposition securing 34 seats, the OPR would have the moral responsibility to decide on its future in the MSM-ML alliance. It could quit the regime of Jugnauth to join the opposition, which would then mean the government would collapse.

Thus, the OPR could become the next king maker in Mauritius!