High level meeting at No 6: MSM dissidents in action?

Picture Credit: Video Grab of Nando Bodha – Minister of Public Infrastructure

A group of ten MSM Parliamentarians and Ministers, including high profile figures from the embattled party, met at the Grand Baie and Poudre d’Or constituency in an emergency nocturnal meeting.

The meeting, private in nature, was headed by Nando Bodha said a source.

The meeting discussed the appointment of Roubina Jadoo-Jaunbocus who was nominated as Minister of Gender Equality after the cabinet reshuffle made necessary following the resignation of Shaukatally Soodhun as deputy Prime Minister.

It also discussed the possibility of the group leaving the party and joining the opposition, or building a power base within the party to force the leadership to review some decisions – or reverse some decisions – that were taken recently.

The source said the name of the new minister was heard during the hearing at the Commission of Inquiry on Drugs, but did not say whether the minister was linked to the dirty business or not. Another source told WFTV that Jadoo-Jaunbocus was seen leaving the inquest in tears, but we cannot confirm this information.

Recently, WFTV published an article saying Mr. Bodha was being ‘head hunted’ to join the Labour Party, but this did not materialise.


The Grand Baie and Poudre d’Or constituency is one of the three main Hindu constituencies of Mauritius. The others being No 5 and No 7 and is a hotly disputed electoral territory between the ruling MSM and the Mauritius Labour Party.

The MMM is courting the electorate of the constituency with the presence of the famous political personality Madan Dulloo who has been a member of the Labour Party, MSM and currently the MMM.

He has served as Member of Parliament elected in 1983, 1987, 1991, 1995, 2000 and 2005. However, he lost his last attempt in the general elections held in 2010.

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