Poll tips Labour’s Arvind Boolell favorite in by-election

Poll tips Labour’s Arvind Boolell favorite in by-election

November 21, 2017 0 By WFTV

A poll carried out by Verde, a group specialising in statistical and marketing research, in the number 18 constituency in Mauritius gave the Labour Party candidate Arvin Boolell as the winner.

He is tipped to win with 35% of votes from the voters in Belle Rose and Quatre Bornes, beating his rivals from the MMM, PMSD and Reform Party by a tight margin.

The other three political parties are given 45% that is split among them but there is no information on which party comes in second, according to a posting on Mr Sydney Selvon’s Facebook wall.

Mr Selvon said this was the first polling of its kind reflecting the intentions to vote among the voters in no 18.

Nevertheless, Le Defi newspaper said the survey showed Dr Boolell will win ahead of the Reform Party candidate by 18.5%, while the PMSD and the MMM will get 14.8% and 12.1% respectively. 

WFTV, however, reported that the PMSD candidate Dhanesh Maraye had a good chance of causing a surprise in the elections due to a split in the Hindu vote. 

The Labour Party has a solid base of supporters, but with the expected divide in the Hindu votes, one that was not seen since 1976 when the MMM made headway in Hindu dominated constituencies, the situation may be different this time.

Nevertheless, the results will be a total denial of the moral responsibility of the MSM-ML regime, which has decided not to participate in the polls so far.

The survey also showed that the Labour candidate Boolell is also losing ground in the Labour’s own fiefs, with the votes shifting elsewhere, while the MMM’s candidate Nita Juddoo, Roshi Bhadain from the Reform Party, Maraye are gaining grounds.