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The man in the mirror this morning

<< This morning, I did look in the mirror >>, says Anwar Ibrahim the future Prime Minister of Malaysia in response to his deputy who told him to do so with scorn yesterday at the Parliament.

It is a case of misunderstanding created by the so-called << free media >> in Malaysia.

Yesterday, Malaysiakini, Free Malaysia Today and other portals claimed Anwar Ibrahim told Azmin in no uncertain terms to << quit if he is in the video >>.

For foreign readers, it was reference to the gay-sex videos that the police has now said are authentic.

Last month, a series of tapes were published on social media and shared on Whatsapp showing two men having gay sex.

One of the men, Haziq Aziz came forward to say he is one of the two men adding that the other man was a minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

The minister says the accusation and the videos are an attempt to ruin his political career. His supporters said the videos were fabricated.

The Malaysian Premier Dr Mahathir also says the videos were fake and that anyone could fabricate such videos with today’s technology.

Anwar Ibrahim says he looked at the mirror this morning

Nevertheless, Anwar says today he is sad with the situation that was created by the media.

He did not specifically told the media off but he mentioned that the confusion was created by the questions the media asked and the publication of answers that were not based on those he made.

In his statement at the Parliament yesterday, Anwar said the minister of Economic Affairs Azmin Ali will have to leave his post if the police found that it was him in the videos.

He also said Azmin did not have to leave if it was not him, of course, but insisted there were no evidence yet of who was the other person in the videos.

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