Threats between two leaders moments before resignation of Soodhun

Threats between two leaders moments before resignation of Soodhun

November 22, 2017 0 By WFTV

Photo Credit: Arab Times. Soodhun here seen meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince Salman

A series of threats, denunciations, a refusal to quit and an internal rife (within the MSM) led to the resignation of the deputy Prime Minister Shaukatally Soodhun, according to sources close to the events that unfolded three weeks ago.

WFTV was told that Minister Soodhun had a private meeting with the Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth to discuss the ‘racist’ tape that surfaced in which the former deputy PM is heard berating a community.

“It was a planned recording,” said our source, who added that the move to oust Soodhun came from within the MSM and the Prime Minister’s office following the latest gaffe from the ex-Minister of Housing and Lands,” said the source who cannot be named for security reasons.

A high ministry official recorded the conversation between Soodhun and PM Jugnauth, we are told, and in the conversation, Soodhun can clearly be heard telling the PM that he will not resign and that if that were to happen, he would not go down alone.

Soodhun is a very close friend of the Jugnauth’s and has been with the MSM for long enough to know the secrets of the organisation as well as the inner secrets of the Jugnauth’s, we are told.

However, the people around Jugnauth Jr played a smarter game that Soodhun, fixing him in such a way that he had no choice but to quit as Deputy PM, a post that highly coveted by the latter as it allowed him to get wide international acclaim, particularly within the Islamic world.

The source said PM Jugnauth had urged Soodhun to quit on the basis of the video recording in which he is heard name-calling the women of a said community. But the source said there is an additional video in which Soodhun is heard arguing with the PM, in not so friendly terms.

The Jugnauth’s people were told has this other recording that clearly shows Soodhun making an even harsher remark on some issues.

It is said that Soodhun resited the idea of him resigning based on the video recording which could have been dismissed in a court of law as only his voice is heard in the conversation. This video is for sale for Rupees 300,000 we are told.

It will be put online by whoever buys it in order to completely end Soodhun’s career!

Another source said these remarks (by Soodhun), we are told, could jeopardise the entire Jugnauth cabinet, but it is kept under wraps by the people having the tape because it was intended to be used to force Soodhun out.

Upon hearing the existence of the tape, Soodhun decided to submit his resignation but not after threats from Jugnauth that he would announce the Minister would be revoked in the wake of his refusal to quit.

A deal was struck in which Soodhun accepted his PM’s request for his resignation.

More to follow!