Editorial: Labour is wrong on Bhadain

The Reform Party leader resigned in a sign of moral responsibility

The Labour Party started to play an old, lame game in trying to derail the campaign of the Reform Party’s chief Roshi Bhadain, while asking whether the latter is not playing the game in PM Pravind Jugnauth’s favour.

Well, we at WFTV believe Bhadain did one of the bravest thing by resigning and challenging the unpopular regime to a fight in the constituency where he was elected under the same MSM-ML-PMSD banner.

Not only his resignation from a ministerial post and from the Parliament has strengthened the opposition in the country, it has also given the opposition parties a chance to prove themselves against the extraordinarily poor performance from his former peers.

In the event of a Labour Party victory, they will have to thank Bhadain for their return to their old winning ways, or will they say sorry, we spent too much money to win a seat in the Parliament?

The Labour Leader former PM Navin Ramgoolam claimed Bhadain’s resignation as MP and the by-elections at the No 18 is a waste of millions of rupees forced upon the people. 

That is ridiculous. The Labour leader should thank Bhadain, who hails from a younger generation than his, but who has the courage to leave his seat to prove a point. That is what democracy is all about, Mr Ramgoolam.

And in a democracy like Mauritius, you should have quit your post as Leader of the party – a party that we at WFTV believe still has its fire in its belly thanks to the loyal supporters out there – and let the younger generation take over.

But instead of following a purely simple moral principle, you got stuck to your post as Leader despite bringing the party to shame in the 2014 elections.

And we believe that instead of ‘punishing’ Bhadain, the voters at the No 18 should grow up and face the reality of today and throw the Labour Party candidate in the dustbin of history.

The voters should choose between the only two viable candidates: That is PMSD candidate Dhanesh Maraye, Bhadain and put Nita Jaddoo in the loop. Mr Arvind Boolell has proven his mettle by failing to oust Mr Navin as PTR leader and that should suffice for the No 18 electorate to narrow their choices between the PMSD, Reform Party and the MMM.

Dhinesh Maraye, PMSD candidate is seeing a rise in his chances at the No 18

Of course, we know the Labour is powerful on the ground and has a large support base, but we are also aware that there are more at play than the simple choice of voting Labour in these by-elections.

The electorate should understand that the world HAS changed and people who are not able to bring about change in Mauritius.

Those who are playing the blame game against Bhadain, the man who has given the country an opportunity to manifest itself against the MSM-ML-OPR regime, should be the ones that has to be punished!

Nevertheless, the attack on Bhadain shows the tightening of the electoral battle at No 18, with more voters now shifting their opinion away from the Labour Party to either the Reform Party or the PMSD.

WFTV believes, through our network of informants, that both Bhadain and Maraye has good chances of causing an upset in these elections.

We explained that a split in the votes are now noted within the Hindu electorate who does not believe in both traditionally Hindu parties anymore due to the immensity of their failures in the past – for the Labour Party – and in the present situation – for the MSM.

This shift will benefit both the Reform Party and the PMSD, but the PMSD will probably have a better chance if a large number of this Hindu voters shifts towards the former party of Sir Gaetan Duval.

Given the fact that the MMM has lost much of the General Population support, which has shifted to the PMSD, there is not surprise if Maraye does well in these polls.

Note: We are not pro-any parties in Mauritius, but our members have their personal affinities for the parties they support individually. Personally, I have a lot of history with the Labour Party but I was very close to the MSM during the heydays of the SAJ-Vishnu reign. Now, I cannot say it is the same, can I?

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