Why Bérenger and L’Express are hitting at XLD? The answer is here!

Why Bérenger and L’Express are hitting at XLD? The answer is here!

November 28, 2017 0 By User

With strong political meddling, the local media in Mauritius is as divided as the opposition parties, along clear social and political lines.

The same division is seen among the political parties, even among those in power, as they are parties born out of the social and ethnic divide in the country.

As such, it was not a surprise to see the MMM leader Paul Raymond Bérenger praising L’Express for not publishing the offensive video in which Soodhun is heard ostracising a community in the country.

While Bérenger did well in telling L’Express that it has chosen the country instead of the journalism by not publishing the video, there is a thin line here that L’Express has crossed.

Did L’Express not play into the thin line of the political game of getting former Deputy Prime Minister Shaukatally Soodhun ‘overthrown’, which was the objectivity of the Opposition Leader Xavier-Luc Duval’s (XLD) intentions when he handed the ‘tape’ over to the journalists from L’Express?

And what is the political gains Bérenger is trying to extract from his praise of the L’Express? Is it not the political gains versus the disturbingly strengthening popularity of XLD?

We are just asking the right questions that are missing in the local media in Port Louis. Is it possible that the local media practitioners are playing the not-so-journalistic-game based on the loyalty of the journalists towards the political formations they personally support?

Since when did Mauritius fall into such a trap, where the fifth most powerful institution of the country – the Media – became the lap-dog of politicians?

Yes, L’Express is said to be pro a certain community in the country, while other papers are either pro this community and there are even those that are pro-extremism from each and every other groups that are ruling unabatedly in the dark corners of this beautiful nation.

The opposition divided

L’Express has also attacked XLD for criticising the newspaper – which should actually be an accepted and respected principle – saying the latter does not waste any occasion to publicly criticise the paper (in public and on Facebook), whereas XLD is the one who gave them the scoop.

Certainly, did L’Express not use the tape in question obtained from a political ‘adversary’ to bring down another political adversary of a different ‘ethnic’ background? It sounds funny that L’Express is playing the Bérenger game instead of playing the whole thing into a rather mild journalist tone!

We have nothing against L’Express. We are just asking the right questions in view of the events that has shaken our nation and in preparation for what we are bound to see in the run-up to the No18 by-elections.

Nevertheless, the opposition is widely divided and that is one of the main reason the country is still facing the full-brunt of the very unpopular MSM-ML-OPR regime.

It is clear that some political parties – we mentioned them in previous articles – are in talks with the MSM and probably with the ML in a bid to leave their other counterparts (the other opposition parties) in the lurch.

But the attacks of Bérenger against XLD – though it is natural for political leaders from various parties to bicker- is also weird.

The MMM cannot and will not in any current circumstances take over the Leader of the Opposition mantle from the XLD and the PMSD, unless the PMSD was to falter which is not the case given the current popularity surge of the Blues.

Hence, what has motivated Bérenger to attack XLD through the L’Express newspaper, the same paper XLD had chosen to pass on the incriminating video on Soodhun?

Last Saturday, Bérenger questioned the motive of XLD to hand over the ‘tape’ to L’Express, asking the latter for to come forward to explain when did he get this tape in question?

Too many questions will spoil the broth, so let us now query the motive of the L’Express journos who are now publicly accusing XLD of attempting a political revival (C’est Duval qui tente one récupération politique comme il en a l’habitude – dixit L’Express).

And we leave it as is.