PM Ministry officials face transfer over Soodhun tape

Picture Source: Top FM – Soodhun and Pravind had a final argument before the former DPM resigned

At least three top officials of the Prime Minister’s office, including one very high official, are being investigated over WFTV’s article on the fatal tape that brought an end to former deputy PM Saukatally Soodhun’s reign.

WFTV was told by a source close to the matter that the idea to tape Soodhun’s conversation with PM Pravind Jugnauth was an internal sabotage by men close to the MSM.

The tape here is about the hot discussion that took place between Soodhun abd PM Jugnauth.  The recording is being kept safe by the people involved in the matter, said our source today.

In this recording, Soodhun is heard threatening the PM with the revalation of secret information on both the PM himself and the Jugnauth family. Soodhun is a close friend of the Jugnauth’s. He apparently told the PM that if he goes down, the PM will also go down with him.

One of the top officials under scrutiny at the PM office – who was running the Press Office of former Prime Minister Sir Aneerood Jugnauth – will probably be transferred to the Ministry of Finance, WFTV was told.

The source also said another official might also be transferred to the Finance, while the very high official might be sent to a department where he won’t have much to do with Prime Ministerial and finance decisions, in short he will be cast away from the PM’s view.

WFTV has refrained from mentioning names – we have all the names – due to the need to keep the integrity of the source and of the site.

We maintain there are two recordings of Soodhun spurting racial slurs and threats against the Jugnauth’s.

The first tape brought him down, the second tape could finish his entire political career if it is made public, WFTV was told.

The content of the second recording would also spark a series of investigations, said the source. WFTV was also told that Soodhun agreed to resign after listening to the taped conversation he had with the PM.

The revelation of the second recording on Soodhun has sent the PM office into tatters, while the officers are pointing finger at each other for the leak.

Some are saying one of them leaked the information to WFTV, which is utter nonsense since we do not deal with the top officials of the PM office on personal basis.

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