Labour-MMM divide consumed?

Labour-MMM divide consumed?

December 3, 2017 0 By WFTV

Ramgoolam and Berenger during better times!

The Labour Party has hit back at the MMM and its leader Paul Raymond Berenger after the latter’s jibes against the leader of a potential ally of the Labour Party, the PMSD’s Luc-Xavier Duval.

The Labour is now campaigning against the MMM mostly in the run-up to the by-elections at the No 18 where some polls have given its candidate Arvind Boolell as the one to win the seat.

The seat, if won by the Labour, will consolidate the Labour’s position in Parliament but it will not be of any impact to the MSM-ML-OPR regime as they will still have a large majority.

But it is the anti-MMM campaign that is gripping the attention in the country, with the voters given significant hindsight on the MMM and its long history of breaking-up alliances after winning big in the elections.

A video posted on pro-Labour Party social media networks said the MMM cannot be trusted since its leader ‘who knows it all’ will do the wrong thing in the end, that he will use Nita Juddoo for the by-elections, and will sideline her later to impose other candidates of choice when it comes to the General Elections.

This after sidelining the former candidates from the MMM who deserved their chances.

Berenger took swipes at Xavier-Luc Duval in the role he played in the videotape that exposed former DPM Shaukatally Soodhun, bringing him down at the same time.

The battle is on between the MMM and the PMSD too.

Paul Bérenger said in November that XLD should not be the leader of the Opposition. He said that following XLD’s statement that the MMM and the MSM were in talks, which irritated the MMM leader. 

WFTV published stories saying the MMM and the MSM leadership had met to discuss future alliances and even the possibility of Berenger joining the government with the MSM. 

We also published juicy details of these meetings and one such meeting took place last week and we are going to unravel the mystery soon.