SAJ supports Berenger as PM?

A source close to the negotiations told WFTV SAJ and Berenger reached a deal that will change the current status-quo.

SAJ, who has taken the deal back to the MSM, will now revert to Berenger as soon as possible on an arrangement that both leaders discussed and that will see Berenger catapulted into power as Prime Minister.

The two top leaders from the MMM and the MSM, Paul Berenger and Sir Aneerood Jugnauth met on Sunday 26 November, accompanied by their personal advisers and some party advisers to listen to SAJ’s views on the current MSM-ML-OPR government.

SAJ was hot on the heels of Berenger, insisting through his agents that he had to meet the latter in order to cut a deal and salvage the MSM-ML-OPR government.

Berenger did not want to discuss salvaging the current regime which he believes is a completely unsalvageable one.

The meeting was also to decide on Berenger’s role in a future government where the MSM will continue to play an important role.

SAJ and Berenger disagreed on some details regarding a future MMM-MSM deal, such as the number of seats, and the combination of Berenger-Pravind or Pravind-Berenger for the next elections.

Berenger, the source said, refused to accept a deal where he will be a ‘colistier’ of Pravind, while SAJ wanted to strike a deal in which the MMM would join the MSM in power before the elections. Niet said Berenger, who offered his now version of the future of the MSM-ML-OPR regime, details of which will be published soon.

During the meeting (held in camera with only a handful of people admitted in the discussions) both leaders reviewed the performances of the MSM-ML-OPR regime, including that of the current leader of the country, the Prime Minister Pravind Jugnauth.

The conclusion was the regime has failed the people and the MSM-ML-OPR in its current form will not be able to salvage the country from its ordeals.

SAJ agreed with Berenger that Pravind will have to make way for a new leader, but it will not be an MSM decision alone, as it has to take into consideration the needs of a future partner in power.

They also discussed a future arrangement between both parties, now that they are not in good terms with either the Labour Party or the PMSD, the other two mainstream parties in the country.

The main take away from the deal are as follows: 

  1. SAJ accepts that Berenger should be the next PM
  2. Berenger would not be a deputy PM soon
  3. Pravind will continue as PM until the next elections – which may take place any time.
  4. Both leaders agree that Pravind is not cut for the job
  5. The two leaders agree that the MSM-ML-OPR is doing a good job

They also ignored the rising phenomenon of the Reform Party and its leader Roshi Bhadain.

The only bone of contention remains whether the MMM will ally with the MSM before the future general elections or will go alone. Berenger is insisting that the MMM will go alone, but pressure is mounting within the party for the leader to agree to form an alliance before the polls. 

Some of the MMM Central Committee or Biro Politic members are in favour or a MMM-MSM alliance while others are for a MMM-Labour deal.

More juicy details to come soon!

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