Soodhun to broker deal with Saudis for oil supply?

Soodhun to broker deal with Saudis for oil supply?

December 4, 2017 0 By WFTV

Photo Credit: Arab Times. Soodhun here seen meeting with the Saudi Crown Prince Salman

Reports received by WFTV indicates that former DPM Shaukatally Soodhun is ironing a deal with the Saudi Arabian government to ensure a smooth supply of oil to Mauritius in the wake of the blockade of the Pacific Diamond in Mangalore, India.

The report, not confirmed at the time of writing, said Soodhun brokered the deal with the Saudis after the blockade of the tanker in India, and that the Saudis are willing to ship sufficient oil to Mauritius.

This amid talks by the government that there will be no shortage of oil.


However, the government is working its way through New Delhi to get the tanker to be released, in order for its cargo to reach Mauritius in time.


The blockade of the  Pacific Diamond is the result of a judgement from the High Court of Karnataka.

The tanker has at least 40 000 metric tonnes of oil, valued at US$30 millions for cargo.