Who is winning in No 18?: Too early to call!

Youtube grab of debate among major candidates at No 18

There is no clear winner yet in the No 18 Rose Belle-Quatre Bornes by-elections, says our source on the field in Mauritius.

The source said whatever advantage the Labour Party candidate Arvind Boolell had at the announcement of his candidature has thinned.

Smaller parties, like the Reform Party and the PMSD (which made inroads in the last General Elections in 2014) would have gained in support.

The Reform Party is however upbeat on its chances, believing that it has an opportunity to turn things around in its favour in the week ahead of the polls, while the Labour Party is hitting hard on the reformist leader Roshi Bhadain.

On the MMM’s side, its leader Paul Berenger said his party was not afraid of the presence of both the PMSD and the RP, adding that the fight will be between the MMM and the Labour Party.

Attacking the Labour Party last night in a nocturnal rally, the RP leader Bhadain said his party is winning the seat with 2000 votes more than the LP.

We are yet to know who will win these elections, but it is already known that the MSM would have been trashed severely had it presented a candidate in the polls.

Nevertheless, we believe this is a test for future polls in the country, as the political landscape is changing shape and new comers like the RP and the old timer PMSD, once written-off the political scene is making headway in the region.

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