Groundswell shows possible MMM victory in by-election

Groundswell shows possible MMM victory in by-election

December 9, 2017 0 By WFTV

The MMM is said to have recovered from its weak performances and took the lead at the No18

The by-election of December 17 could as well see an MMM victory, says our source on the ground, who added that the party of Paul Berenger is gaining in strength in the latter’s former constituency.

Ms Nita Jadoo may have made better impressions than the Labour Party candidate Mr Arvind Boolell, said the source.

“There are signs that the MMM may have recovered from its lowest historical turnout in 2014, and these signs may indicate the MMM is leading in the race,” said the source.

But that does not mean the fight is over, and that the MMM will have a walkover, said the source.

“Instead, we see the situation still tight between the MMM and the Labour Party. The Reform Party may have lost some credibility during the campaigning,” said the source.

A recent survey showed the MMM leading in the race with 55% of people polled giving it the victory, while 45% gave the Labour as victors.

“It might be the fact that the MMM presented a younger candidate than the Labour Party that would make the difference, while the electorate would want to sanction the fact that Roshi Bhadain resigned on a miscalculated move,” said the source.

Mr Badhain thought the opposition parties would rally to his call for a united front to defeat the MSM-ML-OPR in the elections. But as soon as he resigned, the Labour Party offered to have its own candidate in the by-elections, prepping Mr Arvind Boolell for the role.

But Boolell’s rapid rise among the electorate took a dip while other parties offered better choices, said the source.

However, the battle is still between the MMM and the Labour Party, WFTV was told.