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Jerusalem: Trump’s Christian Dream

The Second Coming is predicted by the Jews, Christians and Muslims…which version is the correct one? Trump believes his version is the one!

Only Donald Trump can do what others never even think of doing, and that is because the US billionaire believes he is the closest you can get to a divine Christian representative on earth.

That is, he believes he is one of the many who would come before the return of Jesus on earth.

Trump also believes Jesus will lead the Christian communities to salvation upon his return, and will defeat the rest of the world that will be under the grip of the ante-Christ.

In the Christian scriptures, Jerusalem plays a big role and it is clear in the Jewish and Muslim scriptures that Jesus will land in a city controlled by Jewish soldiers.

But while the Jewish scriptures are blurry on the issue, there are indications that both the Jews and the Christians believe in the return of Jesus, called the “Second Coming’.

And Trump is basing his presidency on the beliefs that the ‘Second Coming’ is near.

“Jerusalem will return again to Jewish hands shortly before the Second Coming (Luke 21:24),” it is said, and Trump believes he is the President (the holy leader) who made it possible for Jerusalem to return to Jewish hands.

Following his move, and once it is fulfilled – which will be fulfilled by the removal of the ‘Gentiles’ (today the Muslims in Trump’s translation, but also the Christians in the Jewish translation) – then there will be the fulfillment of the ‘Second Coming’.

And this will mean the beginning of the 1000 year rule by the Christian King over the people of Earth. It will be 1000 years of peace, but this peace will only be achieved after a massive war that will cause the destruction of two-thirds of the Jewish people in Jerusalem (hence Israel).

The rest will be ‘burnt’ and remodeled in such a way that they will then claim the King as their Lord after which the Lord will claim them as his subjects.

Trump does not think peace will be achieved through the war path, putting his troops in the line of fire of angry Muslims in Arabia.

He believes the King will come and with his sheer power and the help of the Angels, the Muslims, Jews, and the rest of the world will be subdued.

However, the scriptures predict the ferocious battles that will take place in the heart of the Armageddon, with Muslims, Christians, and Jews mired in a war that will cause much destruction.

Nevertheless, the Muslim scriptures have another version of the future and its prediction of the return of Jesus but as the leader of the Muslims, a leader who would subdue the rest of the world to Islam, is ignored by Trump.

In the Muslim version, the Jews will be defeated by Jesus and the survivors will be submitted to his rule only after they ‘redeem’ themselves as Muslims. This will also be the case for the Christians of Jerusalem.

Trump believes he is doing the right thing, and by doing so he is contributing to the End-Of-The-World-Theory.

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