The return of MMM, Labour as top guns?

The return of MMM, Labour as top guns?

December 10, 2017 0 By WFTV

The no 18 by-election seems to point to the return of the MMM and the Labour Party as the top guns in local elections, said a source to WFTV.

A survey conducted by DCDM Research gives the MMM’s Nita Jadoo as winners at No 18, ahead of the Labour Party’s Arvind Boolell, but a local daily The Sunday Times said it is Boolell who is still in the lead, with Jadoo tailing him in second place.

Our own survey on the ground however concurs with the DCDM Research, showing the MMM in the lead with the possibility that it might even distance the Labour Party overall in the end result.

“The fight is tight. No party will win more than 30-35% of the votes and this is reflective of the strength of each individual parties in the country,” said the source.

However, the survey by DCDM Research shows a return of the leaders Paul Berenger and Navin Ramgoolam (though the latter is still far below in popularity) with the two leaders gaining over other political leaders, while Reform Party leader Roshi Bhadain, Labour’s Arvind Boolell and PMSD’s Xavier Luc Duval losing ground.

Duval suffered the most in the 2017 survey, losing 5 points while Berenger and Ramgoolam earned 2 points.

But Duval remains ahead of Berenger and Ramgoolam, with 63 points, Berenger 57 and Ramgoolam 40.