Tough to call in Mauritius by-elections

It is a tough call, as the fierce battle on the field did not bring the crowd out to vote in the by-elections at Belle Rose-Quatres Bornes.

With only 54,96 %. of voters casting their vote, or 23 112 voters, the battle between the candidates are expected to the tough.

While the Labour Party brought former Prime Minister Navin Ramgoolam to ‘scrape’ voters to support the Labour Party’s candidate, other parties were confident their candidates had the edge.

The MMM candidate Nita Juddoo, who became the number one challenger to the Labour candidate Arvind Boolell in the last weeks to the polls, said she could only wait for the results, not giving a hint whether she had won or not.

While Arvin Boolell said he is confident of victory, with an element of doubt in his statement, the PMSD candidate Dhanesh Maraye said the high percentage of abstention could play in favor of some parties.

The former MP of the No 18, Rishi Bhadain who heads the Reform Party said he is confident of victory, though. 

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