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Durian to be the next growth factor for Malaysia

Picture Credit: South China Morning Post

The Malaysian durian, as smelly as all the durians in the world, is the next growth factor for the Malaysian economy and Channel News Asia has done its part to promote that bit.

Durian SS2, one of the country’s largest traders, is setting their eyes at dominating Singapore before moving on to their most lucrative market – mainland China. The company is already exporting durian to Brunei, Hong Kong and Taiwan and is launching a mobile application in Singapore and Malaysia in June 2018, said CNA.

Durian SS2 has also bought a shop in Singapore which it intends to use a hub in its push to dominate the Singaporean market.

The company is also building a two storey building where it have VIP rooms to cater for the increasing number of VIP’s visiting their stall in PJ.

The VIP rooms will be for those who want privacy.

It’s a lucrative business and many durian stalls have mushroomed across Malaysia, attracting youngsters to get involved.

The Malaysians, through Ahmad Shabery Cheek, the Minister of Agriculture and Agro-based Industry believes they have found a new ‘gold’ and it’s called durian.

He told CNA that Malaysian traders made an impact during the festival and I am very eager to get things going.

“The lucrative business could also compel the Federal Land Development Authority (Felda) to ditch oil palm and venture into durian.

“Felda started by focusing on rubber. Later the government agency ventured into oil palm. Given the current landscape, they would set their eyes on durian.”

“If Felda changes its game plan and with more players entering the scene, Malaysia could stamp its mark as the biggest durian exporter in the world.” said the article.

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