NASA photos shows Aircraft shape in waters near Round Island, Mauritius: is it MH370?

Photo Credit: NASA – provided by @revnu5

A photograph said to be from the American space agency NASA shows a silhouette that resembles an aircraft, and people on Twitter who contacted WFTV said it could be that of the lost aircraft MH370.

In the Twitter message, Peter McMahon (peter mcmahon‏ @revnu5) said: “This is a mystery in its self this area has been avoided since day one of the search first it was in 4 different locations then it crashed off Australia, they do not know where it crashed but here is an aircraft the size of a 777-200, near Round Is. Mauritius, image taken by NASA.”

The photos shows the shape of an aircraft, though it is not clear since the object is definitely under water.

See the photos here:

Photo Credit: NASA – provided by @revnu5
Photo Credit: NASA – provided by @revnu5
Photo Credit: NASA – provided by @revnu5

Whether this is true or false, we let our readers decide.

In the his message, Peter McMahon is saying that the area where he thinks the plane has been spotted by NASA satellite pictures has been avoided by the search teams since day one.

Of the search itself, he said first there were 4 different locations then the world was told it crashed off Australia.

McMahon concludes the search parties do not know where the plane crashed but the pictures from NASA shows a shape that looks like an aircraft the size of a 777-200, near Round Island. Mauritius.

Round Island is one of the islands in Mauritius situated 22 kilometers north east of Mauritius. This island is a part of a an extinct volcanic cone, which has been partly submerged under water.

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