OTT and content delivery: Shaping the APAC pay-TV industry

OTT and content delivery: Shaping the APAC pay-TV industry

January 6, 2018 0 By WFTV

Stéphane Le Dreau, SVP, Regional GM APAC, NAGRA

“In 2018, the APAC pay-TV industry will continue its pace towards implementing IP content delivery infrastructures, as consumers increasingly look for a seamless, easy-to-use TV experience that combines linear, OTT and on-demand viewing across all screens. Pay-TV operators will also focus on adopting advanced content protection methods in tandem with enhanced user experiences that offer personalised services to keep up with disruptive providers such as Netflix and Amazon.

Consumer appetite for accessing content anywhere, any time will also continue to grow in 2018. To this end, we will increasingly see the take up of industry-wide OTT services that boost content quality and delivery. And in the race to satisfy consumers’ needs for content anytime on any device, a growing number of pay-TV cableco and telco operators will invest in multifaceted IP-based delivery models, including OTT, IPTV or a mix of both.”

Rise of Content Piracy

“As content piracy takes a greater toll on the bottom lines of operators, content owners and providers, the threat will remain on pay-TV executives’ agendas into 2018. With piracy evolving and increasingly making use of illicit IP-based live streaming through illegal hardware and software, we’ll see a push towards developing new innovative technologies that can turn the tide against the pirates. In an OTT-driven era, the recipe for success will lie in a strategy that combines both content and security to deliver richer consumer experiences.”

Emergence of new OTT Services

“Furthermore, with OTT content now being delivered not just via set-top boxes but also games consoles, tablets, computers, smartphones and smart TVs, content owners will need to adopt multi-device holistic defence strategies to be at the vanguard in the fight against piracy.

But despite the emerging challenges, APAC’s OTT market will continue to grow, with premium OTT emerging as the most popular option. And as these services gain traction worldwide, operators will work towards creating feature-rich experiences while achieving flexibility in managing content security.”


“As we look ahead to 2018, it is clear that the APAC pay-TV industry faces plenty of challenges – from the ever-evolving threat of piracy to on-boarding IP-based delivery models. The operators that can overcome these challenges and achieve success will be those that are willing to innovate and adapt their service offerings and content strategies, paying close attention to the needs of their subscribers and the on-demand, OTT-driven landscape.”

Stéphane Le Dreau, SVP, Regional GM APAC, NAGRA