SAJ-Berenger: Secret meeting to seal deal?

The MMM leader Paul Raymond Berenger is said to be on the way to hold another private and confidential meeting with Sir Aneerood Jugnauth (SAJ).

The meeting will center on the results of last November’s secret talks the two leaders had in private but accompanied by their closest advisors. They discussed alliance and a postponement of the impending elections, while Berenger is expected to either take over as PM or settle down as deputy PM.

A source close to the negotiations told WFTV SAJ and Berenger reached a deal that will change the current status-quo.

SAJ, who has took the details of the deal back to the MSM, is expected to deliver the results of the negotiations within the MSM to soon as possible on an arrangement that both leaders discussed and that will see Berenger catapulted into power as Prime Minister.

The results of the internal negotiations within the MSM would be known to the public only if the two leaders agree on the terms and conditions of a possible MMM-MSM deal that would prevent snap elections for the next 2 years.

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The two top leaders from the MMM and the MSM, Paul Berenger and Sir Aneerood Jugnauth met secretly on Sunday 26 November, accompanied by their personal advisers and some party advisers to listen to SAJ’s views on the current MSM-ML-OPR government.

SAJ was hot on the heels of Berenger, insisting through his agents that he had to meet the latter in order to cut a deal and salvage the MSM-ML-OPR government.

Berenger did not want to discuss salvaging the current regime which he believes is a completely unsalvageable one.

The meeting was also to decide on Berenger’s role in a future government where the MSM will continue to play an important role.

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