The battle is on: split or remove Berenger with high-profile names threatening to quit party

Picture Credit: Extracted from L’Histoire d’un combat: Will Berenger see a sour end to his political career with the party forcing him to depart from active political life?

A group of high-profile MMM members are pondering on their future in the party after realising the MMM has weakened further due to rumours of its leadership in talks with the rotten MSM party.

The secret meetings between Paul Berenger (PRB) and Sir Aneerood Jugnauth (SAJ) – revealed by WFTV on several occasions – has not gone down well with a particular group within the MMM.

The party is now divided in several factions. One faction is even thinking of asking Berenger to quit as leader and to take a rest from politics, thus allowing the party to figure out its future on its own.

The extremely poor results in the No 18 by-elections is also brandished as reason from within the party for a change of leadership.

But it is the negotiations that PRB had with SAJ that has irritated the group that is in favour of an alliance with the Labour Party.

The group, headed by Reza Uteem, is said to have given an ultimatum or is thinking of an ultimatum to be given to the leader on the formation of a formal alliance with the Labour Party and to cut all ties with the MSM.

Reza is apparently backed by MMM MP’s and supporters from the No 3 constituency.

The last resort for the ‘rebels’ will be to leave the party and some of them are already in talks with the Labour Party for a seat in the next General Elections.

WFTV sources said the pro-Labour group might just relinquish their posts in the MMM in order to form a pressure group outside the party, a group that would then ally itself with the Labour Party in the next GE.

But a source from the Labour Party said the reds are not ready to accept any members from the MMM.

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