Human touch is part of CIMB’s customer value proposition: Gupta

Samir Gupta: We want customers to be at ease

CIMB Group CEO, Group Consumer Banking, Samir Gupta said at CIMB, Customer Experience is one of the pivotal areas of the Group’s T18 strategy.

Although we have digitalised and added analytics and robotics to our consumer banking business, the human touch still remains as part of CIMB’s customer value proposition. 

“For example, customers can still choose to walk into a branch or speak to us via our contact centre. Our Relationship Managers are also on hand to assist CIMB Preferred customers with their banking needs,” he said.

Customer service has been identified as the key success factor to the winning, growing and retaining of customers in the banking industry, he said.

“Various enhancements have been put in place to improve our customers’ journey with us. One of the key areas we’re looking at is improving turnaround time. Customers today want things done quickly and conveniently,” he said.

For example, with straight-through-processing for our mortgage applications, customers will receive instant decisions on their mortgage eligibility.

“We’ve also recently introduced the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in our banking operations, reducing turnaround time and faster processing for selected banking operations, resulting in improved customer experience.

“Our customers can also be assured of continued robust security across all our banking transactions, whether at a branch, online or via mobile.”

In providing a delightful customer experience, our objectives are to make CIMB EASY to bank with, to make our transactions EFFICIENT and to go the EXTRA MILE for our customers, said Gupta.

CIMB is also revamping the Enhanced Virtual Assistant (EVA) natural language processing capabilities. EVA is a mobile banking app.

“The enhancements will enable EVA to hold a natural conversation in English, as well as in Bahasa Malaysia later in 2018,” he said.

Since its launch in December 2016, we have continuously expanded EVA features and customers can check account balances, perform fund transfers and bill payments.

The app was recently enhanced with the spend analyser function, where customers can view the categorised spend analysis of their CIMB debit, credit and prepaid cards.

This is the first step towards more enhancements and features in 2018, to provide real-time data and insights for customers, as well as allow CIMB to personalise recommendations of retail offers and discounts in real time via predictive modelling.

The article, written by Kazi Mahmood, appeared in Malay Mail online edition.

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