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CASIO TR adds new selfie portable studio

The newly launched Casio TR-M11, designed to work as a portable personal studio, gives the selfie snappers yet another reason to celebrate taking beautiful self portraits on the go.

TheTR-M11, the latest mini digital camera under the Casio banner, is also suitable for the womenfolks.

The TR-M11 delivers lighting effects that enables users to capture memorable and flattering self portraits for postings on various social media platforms.

The camera is equipped with nine LEDs, one below the LCD and eight around the lens. The multiple LEDs, working together with Casio image processing technology, maximizes the lighting effects to transform the skin with a brighter and fresher look, and sculpt or slim the facial features.

“Selfies are about self-image, and how we define ourselves,” notes Itsuro Tezuka, Managing Director of Casio (M) Sdn Bhd.

“It’s a confidence booster for the younger generation when others see them with a positive outlook. Their self-value increases when they share their self portraits with everyone online.”

The TR-M11 comes in a distinctive round shape outlined around a ring light providing uniform light to the subject’s face from any angle.

The camera is set to take square portraits, eliminating the need to crop rectangular images and making it perfect for social media. It also has a self-timer that can be activated to capture self portraits from a greater distance.

Another unique feature of the camera is resembles a make-up compact case with a clamshell that opens up enabling the user to compose the image – just as one would do checking a mirror. The palm-sized camera also makes for easy portability. The camera is available in five striking colours: white, pink, vivid pink, green, and violet.

“The selfie phenomenon is no longer a trend; it’s a social and cultural expression of today’s young generation,” believes Tezuka. “The more photos one posts promoting a certain identity – fun-loving, adventurous, sporty, fashionable – the more likely it is that others will support this identity of you.”

For the TR mini, Casio exclusively designed a new user interface allowing users to swipe to access the main features and choose settings for Make-Up Mode from a menu list that rotates like a dial. The colourful icons and simple navigation make the user interface intuitive and fun to use.

The TR-M11 inherits the innovative features that Casio developed for the TR brand and other digital cameras. The refined Make-Up Mode now adds gloss to pupils and lips and automatically detects and makes less noticeable acne and pimples.


The TR-M11, now available in leading camera stores nationwide, retails at the recommended price of RM2,199 (including 6% GST).

However, customers can purchase the camera at RM1,999 (including 6% GST) at participating outlets and the Casio online store on Lazada, using promo code “casiotrm11”, from 22 November – 7 January 2018 as part of their Christmas Promotion campaign.


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