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Malaysia an oft-forgotten jewel of Southeast Asia: And thats why you should visit it

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Malaysia is an oft-forgotten jewel of Southeast Asia, said the And food is listed as number one reason for anyone to visit Malaysia!

The site gave 6 good reasons why the tourist folks should visit Malaysia, starting with the diverse landscapes ranging from cool tea plantations to dense jungles and reef-fringed islands to skyscraper forests.

“It has a lot more to it than you might think. It’s not just the Petronas Towers that attract people,though they are very cool. It’s everything else, too. And helpfully, a lot of people there speak very good English.

“Here are six reasons why you should make Malaysia your next destination,” the site said.

The food is incredible
One of the best things to do in Malaysia is to eat.

There are certain hubs known for the abundance and quality of their food, but across the country you can get a decent meal very cheaply.

Due to Malaysia’s complex colonial history and blend of different influences is the incredible array of different cuisines on offer.

There are Chinese noodles, Indian flatbreads, Indonesian satay; dumplings and fried rice and spicy soup.

Second reason it gives: Island life is seriously appealing

The paradisiacal Perhentian Islands are calling – Snorkelling, diving and plentiful sunbathing; you won’t be short of things to do on these islands off Malaysia’s east coast.

“The water is aquamarine, the sand is white, and at night the water is lit up with phosphorescence. You won’t believe it’s real; it’s like you’ve walked into a Google image search,” it said.

Architecture beauty

Its architecture is beautiful and baffling. Malaysia has a complicated cultural history, resulting in a collection of different influences all crowded together within small spaces.

Penang, for example, has colonial houses adorned with plastic signs in bold Mandarin lettering. In Malacca, shiny new shops perch on the edge of elegant riverside buildings. Compare and contrast this with the ambitious skyscrapers and modern designs competing for attention in Kuala Lumpur: it makes no sense, but it’s very appealing.

The big city (Kuala Lumpur) has a significant draw

“You might not think of Kuala Lumpur as a cool city, but you’d be wrong. First off, climbing the Petronas Towers – by which I mean getting a lift up to the 86th floor – is a must.”

You can’t realise their true height until you’re peering down at the city from above. Until 2003 they were the tallest buildings in the world and to this day they are the tallest twin towers.

But apart from this iconic attraction, KL has loads to offer, from drinks on a helipad to thriving markets.

You can lose yourself in ancient jungle
Taman Negara is one of the oldest jungles in the world: 130 million-odd years of history resides there.

You can trek through the rainforest, spot some of the abundant wildlife that lives there, or check out the world’s largest flower, the rafflesia.

Did I mention the food?
South Indian dosa, hot and sour laksa, weird and wonderful seafood dishes, Portuguese egg tarts, mouth-watering samosas and pakora, delicately flaky spring rolls, rice cooked in rich coconut milk…


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