Selling America the Trump way: A new approach that may gain support

Selling America the Trump way: A new approach that may gain support

January 26, 2018 0 By User

With Donald Trump surprising Davos (where world leaders are meeting to discuss the economic future of the globe), it will not be surprising that many world leaders will give a try with their investments going to the U.S.

Davos in Switzerland is currently holding the World Economic Forum, and the U.S. president decided to use this forum to polish his dirtied image.

He spoke in a different fashion from his usual ranting and country or people bashing, laying out – almost unexpectedly – the most interesting version of “America First” ideas. It looks like he has finally got it right with his internal team of advisers who has apparently changed the way he talks to the rest of the world.

But according to the New York Times,  President Trump could not resist mixing facts, falsehoods and made claims that could be used in various contexts. That is he was the real Trump whom we have seen in the past one year as US President but for the Davos crowd and the international investors, he sold America well.

Some are calling it a sales pitch good for any Americans who are one of the best at the job. 

Trump boasted about reaching 84 new stock-market highs since taking office a year ago, when he referred in his inaugural address to “American carnage”, said Reuters ‘Breaking News”.

The president has a good scorecard to flash. GDP grew at an annual rate above 3 percent in the second and third quarters of 2017, though it came in at 2.6 percent in the fourth by the first estimate, below expectations. Unemployment has fallen to 4.1 percent and American companies will now pay 14 percentage points less in corporate tax then they did before.

What was new in Trump’s Davos appearance aside from the style was the framing of his administration’s approach to trade and the like. Rather than bashing the Chinese for stealing American jobs, he stuck to larger principles of fairness, said Reuters.

“This more measured version of Trumpism was designed for the global elite. Even so, it may help Davos Man and Woman feel less embarrassed about embracing some of its attributes,” Reuters added.

But NYT lambasted Trump for his boasting. One example is whether Trump is the only businessman who became President of the U.S of A.

Mr. Trump’s claim that “there’s never really been a businessman or businessperson elected president” is wrong, said NYT in bold.

Several presidents have owned, operated or worked in the field of business, said the newspaper.

Most immediately, George Bush and George W. Bush both owned several oil companies based out of Texas. The latter was also part of an ownership group that purchased the Texas Rangers baseball team. Jimmy Carter owned a peanut farm and some other real estate in Georgia, it listed. 

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