PIDM releases its 2018-2020 corporate plan

PIDM releases its 2018-2020 corporate plan

January 29, 2018 0 By User

Perbadanan Insurans Deposit Malaysia (PIDM) today released its ‘Summary of the Corporate Plan 2018 – 2020’, which contains a 3-year rolling plan that sets out its three strategic priorities.

The top priorities are to implement initiatives to strengthen readiness towards an effective resolution regime for Malaysia including resolution planning, to develop and prepare its human capital for long term sustainability, and to strengthen engagement with key stakeholders, including the public and member institutions.

As an integral part of the Malaysian financial safety net system, PIDM is mandated to protect the interests of depositors and takaful and insurance policy owners against the failure of any PIDM member institution, and to contribute to or promote financial system stability.

“Changes in our operating environment mean that we need a plan that ensures that PIDM can keep pace and that we are always in a state of readiness to properly support financial system stability. Our strategic priorities support this aim,” said Rafiz Azuan Abdullah, Chief Executive Officer of PIDM.

“For an effective resolution regime, a key objective is to ensure that all member institutions can be resolved in an orderly manner, without systemic disruption to the financial system,” said Rafiz.

The collective engagement with member institutions on resolution planning had officially began in July 2017, together with Bank Negara Malaysia on recovery planning.

“Going forward on resolution planning, more engagements through industry consultations can be expected. In the immediate future, engagements with the pilot institutions to refine PIDM’s resolution planning framework will take place,” Rafiz further added.

PIDM will continue to engage with its stakeholders to enhance public awareness about PIDM’s role and its protection systems through financial education and public engagement programmes as well as advertising campaigns.

The financial plan for 2018 will support the execution of PIDM’s strategic priorities. The Corporation has budgeted to receive income of RM575 million, and operating expenditures of RM120 million, with a projected net surplus of RM455 million.

By the end of 2018, the surplus in the Deposit Insurance Funds (DIFs) will amount to RM2.38 billion and the Takaful and Insurance Benefits Protection Funds (TIPFs) will total RM1.66 billion. The DIFs and TIPFs are accumulated reserves to cover losses that may arise from providing protection to depositors and policy owners respectively.

The Corporate Plan 2018 – 2020 is available at the PIDM website ( in three languages – Bahasa Malaysia, English and Chinese.