MH370 victims may have remained intact in ‘time capsule’ under sea: Expert

THE bodies inside missing Malaysia MH370 aircraft will most likely be perfectly preserved “like a time capsule” when they are found, said an expert to The Daily Star.

The newspaper quoted US oceanographer David Gallo who said that because of the depth, temperature and stillness of the southern Indian Ocean – believed to be where it went down– the passengers’ corpses will not have deteriorated.

The ocean expert believes if MH370 has hit the seabed, all of the bodies will be preserved – offering vital clues as to why the plane went down.

He said: “It can be a very quiet place with very little oxygen.

“At the surface it’s not the same thing, so the deep ocean can be like a time capsule that preserves everything.”

Dr Gallo also believes black box cockpit recorder information will still be able to be retrieved, despite the sheer amount of time it will have spent underwater.

“Even if water gets in there they have ways of getting bits of information off,” Dr Gallo said.

“Say you get into the cockpit, look at the settings. You could look at the actual airframe itself – about how pieces are bent or torn or scarred or burnt.”

However, this theory will be correct if the plane was not hit by a rocket or destroyed in airspace before the rest of it plunged into the sea.

But without any trace of human remains found so far in the search and in the airplane parts that experts are saying are confirmed MH370 parts, there is hope the bodies could be found, intact or not.



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