New Delhi’s shift in Mauritius policies due to fall in Hindu population?

Picture Credit: Yogi with PM Jugnauth during his controversial visit to Mauritius – The aim was to shore up Hindu support!

A survey conducted between Jan 14-15 by an Indian group in Mauritius delivered shocking results: It showed the Hindu population of Mauritius has thinned considerably!

“The survey says the Hindus in Mauritius now forms part of the largest minority in the country. They do not have the 620,000 we are told,” said a person close to the survey.


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The source told WFTV that today in Mauritius the Hindu population is merely composed of some 450,000 souls, a sharp fall in the population which has caused a shift in New Delhi’s policies towards Mauritius.

This figure is set to be reduced further in the long run due to a combination of factors, said the source, while other communities are growing (the General Population, in particular, has seen fast growth recently it said).

The survey was conducted by the same intelligentsia group that revealed how the Alliance Le Pep would win the elections – as reported by WFTV in 2014 – and how New Delhi was pressing PM Pravind Jugnauth for early polls last year.

If there are those who are wondering why WFTV is reporting stories on New Delhi’s shift of policy over Mauritius, they should consider a new population census in the country.

The census will probably tell whether the Indian intelligentsia is correct in its assessment, or not!

In a WFTV article dated Feb 26, 2017, we reported that a recent census done in 2011 indicated a depleting Hindu population index.
It said the Hindus stood at 48.5% of the population down from the 52% registered at the time of Independence in 1968.
With the latest survey by the Indian intelligentsia, the percentage of Hindu population could be further reduced from the 48.5% said the source.
In Mauritius, a major decider in local politics has always been electing a Hindu as the Prime Minister – except for the blip in the nation history when a member of the General Population (mostly of Christian faith) became the Prime Minister ( 2003-2005).
Up till now, it made much sense for people to believe that since the Hindus were the largest religious faith in the country, with Christianity coming second with 32% and Muslims 17.3%, the party that wins the elections is the one with the larger share of Hindu support.
But soon this might not be the case.
WFTV will come soon with an explosive story on why New Delhi might just let Mauritius slip away from its grip!

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