MH370: Search ship turns off automatic identification sparking riot on internet

MH370: Search ship turns off automatic identification sparking riot on internet

February 8, 2018 0 By WFTV

The MH370 story took another ugly turn after the search ship Seabed Constructor abruptly turned off its Automatic Identification System (AIS), sparking a riot on social media.

The ship Seabed Constructor, the Norwaygian ship commissioned by the US based Ocean Infinity suddenly went “dark” on tracking websites not long after it had completed a curious circle, several kilometres wide, prompting many on Twitter to question what was inside the circle on the sea floor.

For nearly a week some aviation buffs and MH370 followers have been debating online whether the missing plane has in fact been secretly found, said RNZ.

If there’s no secret they said, then why did the ship AIS went abruptly off for several days, preventing online observers from tracking its movements.

Twitter hot on heals

Photo shows the route the Seabed Constructor is taking: From Durban to Perth, missing the waters of Mauritius…


The ship then headed south-west in a straight line, and a few kilometres later turned its AIS off.

“I’m sticking with my theory that the big circle is a piece of debris, and the line south was to locate the plane. When they think they found it they turned off AIS as protocol,” one tweet said.

“This. Is. Strange. I have never seen a ship do this. Maybe there’s an AUV lost down there?!?” said another.

Some said the ship may have lost one of its submarine robots during the search.

No one knows the true story and this has sparked conspiracy theorists to give their wildest of views.

Seabed Constructor has spent two weeks scouring the ocean floor in the southern Indian Ocean for the fuselage or debris from MH370.

Secret detour to shipwreck for treasure?

Some speculated that the ship had made a secret detour to a nearby shipwreck to retrieve a chest known to be on the sea floor. They believe the search turned into a treasure hunt!

The shipwreck was discovered in 2015 during the previous Australian-led search for MH370, in waters south-west of the current search zone, but the ship has dissolved, leaving only a metal frame.

Users on Twitter has run hot with speculation that Ocean Infinity indeed took a deliberate detour to a ship wreck, presumably to retrieve the chest and any booty it might contain.

“Tomorrow I’ll confirm the GPS I have for #Constructor down to the wreck and back. I’ve already confirmed it with my source. It happened. It isn’t a big deal from my point of view,” said Mike Chillit, a long-time MH370 follower.

He questioned whether Australians had a right to share the spoils of any bounty brought up from the deep.