MPI Generali digital transformation brings positive disruption

MPI Generali Insurans Berhad Chief Executive Officer Oliver Tan (fifth from left) and Kofax Regional Vice President – Asia Prem Pavan (right), accompanied by project drivers at the MOU Signing Ceremony of MPI Generali Digital Transformation Program enabled by Robotics Process Automation – an innovative collaboration to enhance customer experience, in Kuala Lumpur recently.

KUALA LUMPUR, 7 Feb – MPI Generali Insurance Berhad will see a significant advancement in its digital services and offerings with its current collaboration with tech solutions partner Kofax.

Recently, MPI Generali signed an MOU with Kofax to adopt the latter’s Digital Process Automation
(DPA) and Robotics Process Automation (RPA) solutions to further improve MPI Generali’s customer experience and overall business process efficiency.

The digital transformation program will see improvements in its customer onboarding journey and key services such as underwriting, claims, and invoices processing through the deployment of a unified platform with Kofax Total Agility, Mobile and RPA solutions.

The latest partnership with MPI Generali is seen as a joint digital disruption where Kofax will continue to grow its regional footprint in the insurance industry while revolutionizing it at the same time.

A positive disruption
“In this era of mobile transactions and digital services, it only makes sense for MPI Generali to digitize our onboarding and claims processes, with this initiative we are putting our customers at the center of digital transformation across the insurance value chain.

“We looked for an experienced tech solutions provider who could integrate with our stringent
requirements, and we are happy to announce that Kofax met our needs with their ground-breaking Digital and RPA solutions,” said Oliver Tan, Chief Executive Officer of MPI Generali Insurans Berhad.

The entire project is expected to be fully implemented by 2018, and will undergo several phases to enhance and digitize MPI Generali’s current services.

Phase 1 will revolve around policy servicing and new applications while Phase 2 will center on claims management. The third and final phase will see improvements to accounts and billings.

Better Business Efficiency, Higher Customer Satisfaction
For decades, insurance companies have often received feedback of being slow in
processing claims or too complex to sign up for insurance policies.

Digital and RPA solutions empower companies to be more efficient in signing up, approve, and process claims and invoices.

This would also naturally lead to reduced operational and ancillary costs, improved organization and increased Net Promoter Score.

Vikas Sinha, MPI Generali Insurans Berhad Head of Strategy and Transformation, will be steering the company’s digital transformation project with Kofax.

He expects increased customer satisfaction levels for MPI Generali due to more self-service options and lower barriers to sign up for policies.

Sinha also anticipates that the digital transformation will lead to an interconnected system that will also result in simpler, smarter and faster experience for customers through efficient processing and fewer user errors.

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