Netherlands to assist Penang in tackling flood problems with risk reduction team

Netherlands to assist Penang in tackling flood problems with risk reduction team

February 9, 2018 0 By WFTV

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The Netherlands will deploy a Dutch Risk Reduction Team (DRR) to Malaysia to assist the state of Penang with recommendations on flood prevention.

The Netherlands is internationally recognized for its expertise in the field of flood prevention. H.E. Sigrid Kaag, the minister for Foreign Trade and Development Cooperation of the Netherlands, today said in Kuala Lumpur that the country is looking forward to sharing expertise on flood management with Malaysia.

She spoke during a seminar on the Dutch Approach to Innovation and High Tech Development, jointly organized by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI), the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Brainport Eindhoven.

Minister Kaag emphasized that in a world subject to climate change and with a growing population, water security and water safety issues are becoming more and more urgent.

The Netherlands is committed to sharing its expertise with Malaysia by sending the DRR- Team, a team of high level Dutch experts in Integrated Water Resource Management with a focus on Flood Risk Management. The team will advise the state of Penang on technical interventions, governance and financing options to minimize flood risk.

The recommendations will include immediate measures and long term sustainable solutions. If Malaysia is interested, more states can follow. The team will work closely together the National Disaster Management Agency (NADMA) in the Prime Minister’s Office.

The Dutch expertise in flood prevention stems from the struggle to survive in a country that lies largely below sea level and in the delta of major European rivers. For many centuries, the Dutch have been creating solutions to prevent flooding. A disastrous flood in 1953, affecting over 200,000 hectares of land and causing 1,836 casualties, triggered an acceleration of Dutch innovations in water management.

The ensuing measures have created a country where the people are kept safe through advanced early-warning systems, innovative water management, the so-called “Delta Works”, and a national network of dykes.

All together this has resulted in the Netherlands becoming a country that is renowned for its expertise on water and delta management. The Netherlands wants to share the high-quality knowledge on Water Management with Malaysia and other countries that face water challenges.