Berenger’s move not about his daughter but about taming those close to VOH?

Berenger’s move not about his daughter but about taming those close to VOH?

February 12, 2018 0 By User

A source told WFTV the move by MMM leader Paul Berenger to put his leadership at stake was not about the rise of one of his daughters within the party ranks.

The party, the source said, has its own process to elect its leaders and committee members and this would not be a problem for any members who are accepted by the leadership.

“But this was about those who are making a lot of noise but who are not delivering and are causing harm to the party,” said the source.

He said the MMM leader decided to go for the challenge after he got fed-up with those linking Hindu religious group Voice of Hindu or VOH to the party.

The fission on this issue first appeared during the Belle-Rose-Quatres Bornes by-elections, in which the public had the impression the MMM was a ‘racist’ party, which is not the case, WFTV was told.

The source said “the MMM had regained grounds during the polls at the nº 18 with its candidate Nita Jaddoo gaining traction”, but news that the MMM was accomodating to the VOH leadership in the constituency “sunk the party and caused its massive defeat.”

The source said Berenger wanted to get the assurance from the party leaders that they were behind him on party strategies and that it is the party that would decide the direction the MMM will take in future elections and so on.

The party has also debated the efficiency of the current leadership lineup, with the view of promoting Mr Madan Dulloo to the number 2 post, which will be proposed and ratified in the near future.

The debates went on within the party about the possible alliances, the discussions the leader had with Sir Aneerood Jugnauth and the bits and pieces from the constituency number 3 in Port Louis.

The critical role played by the MP’s in the nº 3 constituency had also surfaced recently and this has apparently been put to rest with Berenger’s massive victory during the party’s internal vote to decide whether the leader should quit or not.

The leadership crisis has been ongoing since the party’s defeat in the General Elections of 2014, but Berenger kept control of the party’s aparatus given the fact that he won a seat in these difficult elections.

The MMM has failed to win an election since 2000, the elections that brought Berenger to the post of Prime Minister for two and a half years.

With the nº 18, the MMM has registered seven consecutive defeats (by-elections and general elections together) since 2005, and this include the municipal elections that the party did not win in 2005 and 2015.