EPF building fire sparks call for PM not to buy Boeing planes with pension fund!

EPF building fire sparks call for PM not to buy Boeing planes with pension fund!

February 13, 2018 0 By User

With the EPF or KWSP building on fire in Petaling Jaya, Malaysians made funny comments, while some spoke of conspiracy theories.

“EPF building on fire after delivering its hottest dividends ever. but the building had been destroyed a long time ago already,” said one Facebook user named Julian, and that was probably one of the very few serious comments.

Another FB user said: We had better learnt of the danger of cladding panels on high rise before another disaster struck again. This comment hit it straight to the point though, as it was later revealed that the fire was implemented by the flammable padding.

The Star newspaper later said this is the first fire in Malaysia involving flammable cladding panels.

But here comes the funniest comments: “If that floor happens to be where all records are held… A lot of unhappy people will brand it a conspiracy.” said another FB user.

And the jibes at Prime Minister Najib Razak were not absent with this comment by one Chang who said: “This better not be followed by a fleet of new Boeing suddenly appearing in M’sia.”

Wong said: Gosh, our money better not be up in smokes! And no Jibby, u cannot use our money to buy planes from the US, or pay 1MDB debts.

However, the PM did not make any promises of purchasing Boeing aircraft with EPF money.

These comments are related to Najib Razak’s visit to the United States in September last year. During the visit, the Malaysian PM caused an uproar in Malaysia after he promised U.S. President Donald Trump that Malaysia will invest – some US$24 billion or RM100 billion – to support U.S. redevelopment plans.

“I want to say that we came here with a strong value proposition to put on the table. We want to help you strengthen the US economy,” Najib told Trump when met at the delegation meeting.

The Prime Minister also said there was theemployers fund, the EPF, and that it will offload its cash stash (part of the US#24 billion) to invest in the US.

Why EPF building also can be fire? asked another use, adding: “What happens to fire inspection??”

One more user said “MashaAllah EPF on fire. Couldn’t get home coz the police closed all roads.
Bad safety feature la, the building was too close to the road that the fire trucks couldn’t get to douse out the fire.”