Jeeha’s delicate position created by himself: source from MMM

Jeeha’s delicate position created by himself: source from MMM

February 14, 2018 0 By User

Mr Pradeep Jeeha, said to be close to leader Paul Berenger, has had a tough run lately. Most of his strategies failed, and his perceived approach towards the Hindu group, Voice of Hindu (VOH) during the Belle-Rose, Quatre Bornes by-election was disastrous to the party.

Our source said the once vibrant and rising top-gun of the MMM had it wrong in most of the constituencies where he represented the MMM.

This became obvious to the point that Mr Madan Dulloo’s re-emergence within the ranks of the MMM led to the return of former Militants in several villages in the North.

While Jeeha made a name within the MMM in the years 2000-2005, he has had little impact since then.

During the 2000-2005 mandate of the then Movement Socialist Militant (MSM)-MMM, three cabinet ministers participated in the Indian Diaspora Bharatiya Divas.

The Bharatiya Divas is celebrated in India on 9 January every year as an annual event for the Indian diaspora. When they came back to Mauritius, two ministers resigned to join opposition lead by Navin Ramgoolam, leader of the Labour party.

One of the former MMM men was nominated minister by Ramgoolam and he is Anil Baichoo, said to be a potential leader of the Labour Party today.

The other one was called to assume the high commission head to India, and it was Rajesh Choonee.

The third one remained faithful to his leader, Paul Berenger but he has since then gone into a specialisation that is well known among the MMM members. The specialisation is to investigate all potential men and women who are on the rise and to campaign against them within the party ranks.

This is normal indeed as in all party circles, there is competition. And it is not surprising the Pradeep Jeeha is virtually against Madan Dulloo.

Jeeha and MMM’s vote sinker
The source said Jeeha participated in the Bharatiya Divas but came back to continue giving his support to the MMM and to Berenger. We said above that Jeeha has close ties with Berenger and he is probably the strongest link between Berenger and the Indian government altogether.

No problem there, since we believe loyalty is a rare quality in today’s world and we also believe someone has to carry the load on foreign lands.

But the information we are gleaning now is that their mission to India in 2005 was only to seek assistance from Indian top shots ‘TO PREVENT PAUL BERENGER’ to be sworn in as Prime Minister.

That is after Sir Anerood Jugnauth’s resignation, during which Berenger was to be anointed as PM as per the working arrangements of the MSM-MMM that was sealed in a last minute deal.

Of course, that information would have been given to Berenger and SAJ at that time, and they would have thwarted the attempt to stop Berenger from becoming the first non-Hindu PM of this beautiful country.

Pradeep Jeeha is today the Deputy leader of MMM but according to the survey revealed by WFTV in June, he has little chance of boosting the party’s game in the next elections.

This has been proven time and again since the 2010 elections. The MMM failed to win any of these elections, while Jeeha struggled in his own seats.

With Jeeha as number 2, the MMM did not gain any terrain. Instead, the party lost more terrain than ever before in its glorious history.

Disdain for WFTV

Last year, we heard that two prominent figures from the MMM, Pradeep Jeeha and Reza Uteem were tasked to gather information about WFTV.

Our source in the opposition did inform us a while back in June 2017 that the MMM had constituted a committee to investigate both our organisation and our content over India’s push to have early elections in Mauritius.

They came up with some comments at an MMM political bureau meeting in June last year informing the party that WFTV represented nothing, and that its founder had no capacity to cause any trouble to the MMM or interfere in local politics.

Mr Jeeha should know that this is not the aim of a news agency. WFTV is here to deliver news, as fresh and as confidential as possible in the true spirit of Mauritianism.

We have nothing against Mr Jeeha. Actually, we would be glad to see him succeed, because anyone’s success in the political arena in Mauritius would mean success for the constituents and for the party and the country as a whole.

But if it is his closeness to Berenger that is keeping him at the top level within the MMM, we can say that the party will not go anywhere but to continue seeing a decline in its performance!