Instead of branded clothes, beards or gym, Arabs believe men wearing silk are gays

According to Sinar Harian regular gym goers, wearing branded clothes and sporting beards are ‘gay’.

But this goes contrary to the Arab world’s belief that ‘gay’ tendencies start with the Malaysian use of ‘silky’ clothing.

The belief extends to men who use gold and is seen as a tendency to ‘effeminate’ the males.

And they are not just ‘Arabian beliefs’.

Though Malaysian Muslims refers them to their origins which is Arabic, these beliefs are actually ‘Islamic’.

According to traditions known as Hadiths silk and gold are for women.

Some of the Islamic scholars say Islam forbids men to wear silk and to use gold chains or gold rings. They say these may lead to a show of pride, to showing off and self-admiration.

Silk and Gold
Scholars said that it’s forbidden because when it touches the body, it makes a man effeminate. This goes against a man’s masculinity and manliness.

“So if he wears it his heart gains the characteristics of femininity and softness. Even if he was masculine and chivalrous of men.

“There is no doubt that wearing silk will diminish these manly characteristics, if not take them away altogether.”

These are explained in the following traditions: (Zaad al-Ma’aad, 4/80) and are found on this site:

However, the scholars listed medical use (as it might be necessary for some skin irritations) or warfare as exceptions.

The social media in Malaysia and other parts of the world was abuzz a few days ago about the Malaysian newspaper’s so-called ‘guidelines’.

The newspaper’s list of “LGBT characteristics” included Branded clothes, facial hair and tight shirts that reveal a six pack are among the identifiable characteristics of a gay man.

This sparked anger in Malaysia in particular but also hilarious comments from Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Some said they were half-gay since they were not regular gym goers. Other said they were gay when they occasionally wear tight shirts.

The comments sparked hilarious banter from social media users.

Arwind Kumar
A popular Malaysian YouTube star criticized the paper for the publishing the article.

“I’m not sure who wrote this article, but to you, my dear friend, don’t try to be God. Take a step back down, have a seat back on your chair.”

Kumar urged the authorities to tackle other important issues.

“If you want to educate society, explain to them the traits of a paedophile, a molester, a murderer, a kidnapper”

Those people are the ones that actually endanger the life of another.

“Do not tell them about gays. How the hell does a gay person endanger your life?

“With an article like this you’re only going to take away lives,” he said.

The paper did not react to the backlash, preferring to move on after publishing the disputed guidelines.

The ridiculous article made the rounds across the globe and in three days.

It became one of the most read articles out of Malaysia.

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