GE14: Politweet shows Najib the driving force in Johor

GE14: Politweet shows Najib the driving force in Johor

February 16, 2018 1 By User

Politweet said all indications are out there that PM Najib Razak is still a driving force in Johor. This, based on a survey the research agency conducted on Social Media ahead of the GE14.

In an interview with WFTV, Politweet also said Mahathir Mohamad had limited impact in Johor for the GE14

As of Dec 2017, the division of interest between Mahathir and Najib by potential voters on Facebook in Johor are:

13.73% = Mahathir only
19.61% = Mahathir + Najib
66.67% = Najib only

“Essentially 2/3 of Johor users does not show an interest in Mahathir on their page likes or Facebook posts.

“Despite media coverage on Mahathir and his candidacy for PM, this is not a good sign for PH.”


WFTV asked whether PAS made any headway or will it be able to challenge Umno on its ground during the GE14.

“I wouldn’t say PAS has made headway. Facebook statistics from the report shows that PAS has the weakest reach compared to PKR and DAP.

“But one impression about PAS supporters is that they aren’t really actively posting about PAS on Twitter or Facebook.

“In any given circumstance the stakes look much better for Umno than for PH,” he said.

However, based on the concluding remarks, he said Johor showed less characteristics of a swing state.

“Perak and Kedah are suitable candidates as swing states compared to Johor. There are valid signs of support for PH/Mahathir in these states,” he said in an email interview.

Another analyst firm said Najib Razak will retain power, adding that the Umno will win thanks to ‘vote-buying’.

WFTV believes Johor will be a swing state. The Politweet survey showed that a +10% of vote swing in favour of PH. This is indicative the opposition might snatch the state from the Umno.