MH370 found with IoT tech?

MH370 found with IoT tech?

February 18, 2018 0 By WFTV

However, The Internet of Thing or IoT will help the Ocean Infinity to find MH370

This is what an aerophile is saying in an article published by The Nation in Thailand. The article appeared on February 16.

He said the Norwegian ship, the Seabed Constructor, should have located the missing airplane by now.

Named Al Eberhardt, the writer says there are good reasons to believe that the plane’s location has been found.

The writer said technological advances led by Graham Phillip Bloy and his company RF Controls have created the conditions in which the doomed flight’s path could be traced via the Internet of Thing or IoT.

Supposing that this is the right conjecture, the writer says the search vessel would have gone on a false search pattern.

“With the intention to ultimately “surprise” the world by declaring success in the search over the next 55 days,” he said.

Eberhardt is simply saying with modern tech, anybody – including a Thai fishing crew – could use the known cordinates of the search to date.

Indeed, this means someone else could snatch the ‘treasure’ from under the nose of the Ocean Infinity.

He is saying the search party have all the reasons to hide its search pattern by turning off it’s transponder.

“On a more practical note, how about using the Internet of Things to find the missing plane?

“IoT pioneer companies RF Controls and Cisco Systems are boasting of 50 billion-plus coherent electronic connections.”

“From baby-bottle volume to automobile brake-pad wear, the IoT does everything,” said the writer.

Nevertheless, using IoT to detect a big aircraft in flight like MH370 is possible.

However with the aircraft’s transponder turned off, MH370 “went silent” because of “old tech” electronics.

“The IoT is new-tech electronics and that new tech is awesome.”

Furthermore, the authorities had around one hour to track MH370 before it went silent, said the writer.

“So all they have to do is tag the plane’s path with new tech.

“It could be into the tracking signal of the cockpit instrument panel.”

As a matter of fact, the power and sensitivity of the IoT tracker signal means it could probably focus on the ventilation fan motors.

This could help track MH370 to the point where the fuel ran out.