No caning for deported Canadian national in bank robbery case

No caning for deported Canadian national in bank robbery case

February 21, 2018 0 By WFTV
No caning

No caning for lucky Roach?

No caning for David Roach, a Canadian national wanted for carrying out a rare bank robbery in Singapore!

Roach allegedly stole S$30,000 ($22,758) from a Standard Chartered bank branch in July 2016.

Nevertheless, this is a departure from the strict enforcement policies that guides Singapore’s rule of law.

The robbery sparked massive debate on the country’s security after Roach escaped to Thailand.

News reports Tuesday said the city-state agreed with the U.K. that no corporal punishment will be meted against the suspect.

Following a request from Singapore, Roach was detained in Britain in January.

Under Singapore’s laws, he risks a minimum prison sentence of two years and at least six strokes of the cane.

The sentence also carries one count of money laundering.

Singapore has very low levels of crime, thanks in part to decades of strict policing and tough punishments.

The country carries out death for drug trafficking and murder to prison and caning for lesser crimes.

Singapore is also where people are hotly debating whether to have halal Subway or not!

No caning, really? This has insensed netizens.