Netizens, taxi operators outraged over expat-maroon taxis

Netizens, taxi operators outraged over expat-maroon taxis

February 23, 2018 0 By WFTV

Expatriates controlling an illegal taxi operation that is affecting the livelihood of local operators is outrageous says Netizens.

However, most comments on Facebook shows the indignation of netizens and taxi operators who say they are victims.

In addition, the comments can be read here on Facebook:


At the same time, read the criticism against the Chinese illegal businesses abroad here:

The problem they say does not end with the hotels that are ‘protecting’ the illegal taxis.

On the contrary it expands to other tourist hotspots in the country.

“It is a nation-wide problem. Go to the airport and you see for yourself,” said a netizen in a reply to WFTV.

This, they said was endangering the rice bowl of the legal taxi operators.

“We are the ones paying the price. They are not doing much to stop this,” one operator said.

The authorities, seen as complacent, has sparked the outrage of netizens and taxi drivers alike.

“Moreover, they are not doing their best to curb on such incidences,” netizens told WFTV.

Not to mention that taxi operators have to resort to social media to attract the attention of the authorities tells it all.

However, speaking to WFTV, one of the taxi operators says he received threats from an illegal operator.

“The expatriate operates an illegal taxi business for tourists from a well-known hotel,” he said.

With this in mind Girish Dev Ramgoolam said he is alerting the authorities on a perceived death treat against him.

“I am alerting the authorities here.

“In the event that anything happens to me or my family, the companies listed here will be responsible.”

Furthermore, his message is accompanied by pictures showing a long list of names of companies along with car plate numbers.

Mr Ramgoolam’s comments can be seen here: 

According to Ramgoolam, the Mauritius CCID office spoke to him after the publication of the story on WFTV.

In conjunction, he said he gave his version of facts to the authorities.

Affaire a suivre!

Outrage from netizens

Outrage from netizens: This is an illegal taxi operating at some hotels, says Ramgoolam