Labour roping Jeeha, Bodha?

Labour roping Jeeha, Bodha?

February 27, 2018 0 By User
Jeeha, Bodha

Labour – PTR

The Jeeha, Bodha deal could become true for the Labour party.

With fissures brewing inside the Labour Party, leader Navin Ramgoolam is on the look-out for new elements.

The political spectrum may also see a major shift.

It may result in the breaking of the MMM, the MSM and Labour.

The PMSD is also going through the same tendency after its massive defeat in December.

It is no secret there is a connection within the MMM that favours an alliance with Labour.

Jeeha was part of that link, WFTV reported.

Jeeha’s link with the Labour appears to be Lormus Bundhoo, former Minister of Health and Quality of Life until December 2014.


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There is also a connection within the Labour that favours alliances with the MMM or the PMSD.

But after the massive victory in December, the party wanted to go alone in the next General Elections.

This might not be possible though with rumours of simmering dispute between NCR and his lieutenants.

News has been around for some time that MSM members and MP’s were planning to jump the ship.

They were in talks with Labour before December. They had a high-level meeting last year (Nov).

With Jeeha, Bodha and MSM members who want to quit the party looking at Labour, NCR may get his reinforcements.