Turmoil in MMM and Labour rock Port Louis

Turmoil in MMM and Labour rock Port Louis

February 27, 2018 0 By WFTV

Turmoil within the MMM and Labour party caught our attention today.

The Labour Party, fresh from its December 2017 victory, has plunged into sudden confusion.

On its part, the MMM has seen a lingering issue take an expected turn.

The resignation of Pradeep Jeeha from the Policy Council and from other committees is good for the party, a source said.

The source says the next expected turn of events is the complete exit of Jeeha from the MMM.

However, Jeeha’s exit will have ramifications within the Labour Party too.

It is no secret there is a connection within the MMM that favours an alliance with Labour.

Jeeha was part of that link, WFTV reported.

Jeeha’s link with the Labour appears to be Lormus Bundhoo, former Minister of Health and Quality of Life until December 2014.

While Jeeha pushed for talks with the Labour Paul Berenger was in discussion with Sir Aneerood Jugnauth.

“Jeeha’s lost for the MMM may turn out to be Labour’s win. But the political impact will be minimal,” said our source.

The WFTV revelations of a sabotage of Navin Ramgoolam’s leadership is weighing deep.

Not to mention that Ramgoolam does not seem to see Arvind Boolell with a good eye.

The eternal Labour leader also has aversion to other VPs. Including the likes of Anil Baichoo, Yatim Varma and so on.

Is Ramgoolam in talks with Jeeha?

We have no idea, but our source says Jeeha has already negotiated his seat with Labour.

Two weeks ago, WFTV said Jeeha was in a delicate position in the MMM. This has proven its worth with this weekend’s events.

In the light of these events, we expect a split within the MMM but also within the Labour.

About the Labour’s turmoil, it is possible that another push to oust Ramgoolam is in the making.

We will get back to this sooner than later.

It is important to realise that the turmoil within Labour has to do with the current state of affairs in India.

We will get back on this issue too, soon!